Meet Me at the Hanging Tree

Val’s boyfriend proposes—at last—and the romance-challenged slug can’t even get that right. So she’s off with best friend Stella for the vacation of a lifetime! 

An RV breakdown strands them in a picturesque Australian small town. After starting work at a boutique winery to pay for repairs, Val gets a second job as a journalist. Her attraction to her editor, sexy smart-ass Tim, is teetering towards love when a mob-backed consortium’s campaign for a casino development turns nasty. 

With her man facing jail and her career in the dumpster, Val must pit her doubtful detective skills against a field of suspects that includes organised crime figures, a biker gang and corrupt local officials. 

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Meet Me Under Brooklyn Bridge

Feisty Stella catches her new fiancé Mike in the cool room of her family’s Greek restaurant with a thirty-eight double dee waitress. The wedding’s off, and the news reaches Sean at an ideal moment. He’s just shown up his Dad’s chief negotiator. Perfect time for a switch to the New York office, especially if there’s a chance with the party girl he fell for back in Australia. Stella throws herself into his arms – to cry on his shoulder. Mike’s had his legs broken in a hit-and-run accident, and everyone blames her, even her own family. She sets herself to track down the true culprit. In the process, Stella learns she doesn’t need her family’s approval, but she might just need a shy, red-haired Aussie sidekick who’s stealing her heart. 

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The First Guerrilla

Sebastien Ochoa knows what’s expected. He’ll win a university scholarship and help his family restore its place in society. Then a brutal police attack on a student march gives him a first-hand taste of the iron fist that rules his homeland. Sebastien defies his family and joins a charismatic guerrilla leader who comes to their village looking for a mountain stronghold for his rebellion against the corrupt dictator. His squad leader, Raul, a corrupt gangster who wants him dead, gives him second thoughts but there’s no turning back after Sebastien and the woman he loves, Luzmilla, watch on powerless as a sadistic army officer executes her mother. Sebastien must survive Raul’s murderous rivalry to keep his promise to avenge Luzmilla’s mother’s murder and see the revolution through to its bloody conclusion.

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