Hi, I’m TJ Beach and this is my blog.

I thought I’d get things started by giving something away – a free short story.

We writers work alone in dark caves surrounded by part-filled coffee cups and scraps of paper but we gather for comfort and support in writers groups. Mine is the Vic Park Writers Group in Perth, Western Australia. Hi guys! We get together every second Thursday. Everyone has the chance to read something they’ve written but it has to address the theme for the night and it may not be longer than a thousand words.

I quite enjoy the challenge of writing flash fiction to a theme. I’m quite proud of the couple that I’ve loaded to my website beachreads.com.au. The theme for Lucky Old Harry was ‘deception’. I wrote The Spirit of Christmas for our theme-free night because I think every writer has to have at least one Christmas story. Click here and you can read them.

I hope you like them!

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