From time to time I share short stories with my blog readers.
Most are flash fiction – which is to say a complete story in about a thousand words.

Download the PDFs and they’re yours, for free.

Lucky Old Harry

An elderly victim of online scammers gives fraud squad detective Sally Brooking an unexpected break.

Download Lucky Old Harry PDF

The Silk Noose

It’s Joanne’s big break … maybe.

Download Lucky Old Harry PDF

The Lake

Steve takes Sally to the lake for the weekend. Big mistake!

Download Lucky Old Harry PDF

All I Want For Christmas

Val is eight months pregnant and a long way from her Mom. Can Tim make her Christmas special?

Download Lucky Old Harry PDF

Stella Stumped

The bowler’s holding the batsman’s what? Sean introduces Stella to Australia’s favourite summer sport.

Download Lucky Old Harry PDF

The Ghost of the Short Thirteenth

A dream, a bet — mayhem.

Download Lucky Old Harry PDF

The Spirit of Christmas

Bob’s fabulous light display gets the thumbs down from his grouchy neighbour.

Download The Spirit of Christmas PDF

Passing Premonition

A paranormal warning for a worried young man. This one’s a bit more serious.

Download Passing Premonition PDF

Welcome to Australia

Here’s one for migrants like me. It’s based on my mother-in-law’s reminiscences about life in the Graylands migrant hostel in the early 1960s.

Download Passing Premonition PDF