I want to be Avery Shaw.

Avery is rude, snarky, shameless, fearless. Her favourite thing, after Star wars memorabilia and playing computer games, is making the men she hates cry – and she hates so many!

You’ll find Avery in thirteen books by Amanda M. Lee. Right here https://www.amandamlee.net/avery-shaw.html. would be a great place to start your search.

She gets herself into unlikely fixes with consistently reckless decision making, gets the story first, solves the murder and drives everyone crazy. I was a small town newspaper reporter, so part of Avery’s attraction is that she works on a small town US newspaper.

Avery is a real journo’. I especially like that. For a start, she often has half a dozen stories to juggle and write by the day’s deadline. Fictional reporters who spend weeks following one dodgy lead make me want to scream. Even Woodward and Bernstein had to file copy every few days, and real-life reporters covered two or three stories a day where I worked.

On the other hand, I can’t remember a colleague who turned up for work wearing hi-top sneakers and a T-shirt saying ‘looking for love in Alderaan places’.

“People always ask what character I relate to the most. Well, here she is,” Amanda says on her webpage. “Yes, I’m that snarky in real life, too. Yes, I used to do puppet shows with my mittens when I didn’t want to cover a story. Yes, I spent some time in sports and if you ask the guy who had to cover high school wrestling with me how it went he will tell you that it was the longest night of his life. No joke.”

I can imagine. The scenes where Avery gets demoted to sports and has to cover Greco Roman wrestling are some of the funniest I’ve ever read.

“Newspapers breed weird people and relationships,” she says, “and the one Avery works in isn’t much different from the place where I used to be employed.”

Yep, that sounds right. Away from work, Avery lives to irritate a hunk pawn shop owner and the town police chief. They both want her body, preferably while it’s still in one piece.

It’s odd, you might say, that such an exasperating, high maintenance pixie could win the hearts of two gorgeous men? Not at all, read the books, you’ll love Avery too.

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