Hi y’all.

I read a blog thread the other day with suggestions for new authors. I found half a dozen that looked worth a try, so why don’t we do it here?

We all like the same sorts of books, let’s share our favourites.

I’m hoping it will become a resource that we can come and browse whenever we feel like trying something new.

Not Nora Roberts and Lee Childs, we all know they’re great, but who are the authors you love that others might not have heard of?

I’ll kick it off, then you leave a comment about the writers you’d love others to share.

I suggest a gentleman’s agreement. Where I live there’s a ‘buy local’ Facebook page. The way it works is that once you’ve posted something to give away, you can put your hand up for the stuff others have on offer. So, I suggest that if you see an author someone else has suggested that you want to try, you’re honour bound to thank them and leave a comment about an author you like.


I’ll get the ball rolling.

My latest discovery is Val McDermid’s Kate Brannigan. Val wrote the Wire in the Blood books and a ton of other bestsellers. I enjoyed the Wire in the Blood TV series, but didn’t click with the books, so her Kate Brannigan series pleasantly surprised me. Kate is a feisty Manchester private investigator with a dry sense of humour. There adventures make great beach reads.

On the romance side, have you tried Robyn Carr? Her Virgin River collection spawned a Netflix series but it’s not much like the books. Robyn has a wonderful touch with a wide range of characters who get mixed up in medical, suspense and practical dramas always with a rich vein of romance. 

So … what have you been reading? Who am I missing?